I'm from Portland, OR, and if you know much about the city, you'll know my sullen brooding and sarcastic flippancy come with the territory.

My poetry is more of an outlet then an art at the moment. I like to play with meter, rhyme, and different structures.


Blood and iron sang their song
Against the beat of drums;
The horns beguiled the warriors, strong,
To bear the fight along

Pray out vengeance in my lust
Against the beat of drums;
My sword will vanquish all unjust,
And silence will adjust

Crimson sweat will drench the earth
Against the beat of drums;
The shield will hold against their worth;
This war will be rebirth

Drum and horn and sword and shield
Against the battle field
Bloody vengeance they will yield
As nothing is revealed.

I just want the world to stop turning so damn fast; hard. So fucking hard…
I just want to sleep until I’m caught up but-
But no, it’s not allowed.
I just want things to make sense that should,
Like government, and hope, and faith…
I just want the simple things to work out
So I could maybe, just maybe,
Just sleep. 

Ache, Unyeilding
Trying, Failing, Feeling
Tomorrow is another day

Not Without

Well, she’s not unattractive
With her curls and her gait.
I am not unaware
Of that hem so ornate.

No, miss that I couldn’t
As she hummed into light
And- miss that, I wouldn’t-
Later sighs of goodnight.

Yes, I wouldn’t know nothing
Of love’s teases of luck,
And I will not miss out
As we bang and we fuck.

It’s never crossed my mind
That I would meet you,
And you wouldn’t care. 

It means nothing
When you tell me you laugh,
You smile,
You are so aroused by me

It means nothing that,
Despite the churning evidence,
You ever thought of me at all 

Cinquain: first attempt

The Beginning
Everything was Dust.
Dust grew to blood;
Blood grew only to death.

My husband was working with strife
To make lots of cash for his wife.
I told him, “My dear,
The floor needs veneer!”
Because that damn dog still has life.

When your genitals
Against mine,
All I want is more.

When your parts
My sex parts,
I just want to go.

When your penis slides,
Into my soft core,
Please just take me more

Confiscate my emotions in the jar,
Fuse my inabilities and deciets to one,
Dare my morality to life


My jaded heart flows
As an emerald river
Through my longing soul

I will not succumb to it;
My wounds bleed their green.

I’m not dying anymore,
I’m not wasting away
Or falling into dank despair

You left me numb and jaded,
A fair rebuke
To my naivette

Careful whisper

I should have
Known better
Than to be myself

The playful banter
Had no rhythm

I should have never
Been myself

The way I was
With you.

The times were fun
When we started out

But sexy times were
Never ending

I should have never
Played the field

The way I played
With you…

Empty Can

I wish I didn’t drink
The way I do
So that it didn’t burn me after
When you left laughing.

Instead, I sit here intoxicated,
So infatuated…

Nothing is left..
The shell is empty
My soul is what it is…



Your hair, your smile
Were worth the while

Your arms, your wrist
Became my tryst

Your waist, your thighs-
My soft demise

Your calves, your toes
Began the throes

Your palms, your feet
They were the beat

Your song, your dance
They charmed my glance

You swayed, sashayed…
I am dismayed